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    Invest Beyond Now...

    Invest towards a better future


    Back To School in 90 days

    Secure the future of your Children with our Back To School in 90 Days package

    Ride With Hawk

    Ride With Hawk is the sure package to help you aquire your dream car

    Events and Vacations

    Fund your events & travels to the last penny.

    Training and Mentorship

    Financial Market Trading from zero knowledge to advance level

    Back To School In 90 days

    If you are still thinking of how to acquire your dream car and it seems like an impossible mountain to climb, Ride With Hawk is the sure package to help you achieve your dream. All you have to do is:

  • Go to any car stand/dealer of your choice
  • Confirm the actual price from the car dealer
  • Drop 50% of the car price with Hawk Funds and be sure to get your dream car after 6 months of your commitment to this package.
  • Plans

    roi 15% monthly 180 days min $500 min ₦50000 max $30000 max ₦10000000

    Plan A

    roi 10% monthly 90 days min $30000 min ₦10000000 max $50000 max ₦30000000

    Plan B

    roi 5% monthly 90 days min $50000 min ₦30000000 max $0 max ₦0

    Plan C

    What Our Clients Say

    Akinola Oluwafemi

    I have been investing in Hawk Funds for 6 months now and I can say they are trustworthy. Investing with Hawk Funds is a way to secure financial independence.I wonder how they manage the risk in Forex Trading and gives you a good return for what you invest with them. They must really be geniuses.

    rating rating rating rating rating

    Godwin Ekere

    I know two companies that run capital investment programs: Hawk funds and others. Having been with them for the last one year, I can confidently say thank you to the team for prompt payment of ROI and quick response to Investor concern.

    rating rating rating rating rating

    Victoria Odeh

    Hawkfunds is a stress-free and reliable means of investment. It's as simple as "put your money in and watch it yield". I haven't had issues with my payment dates nor any controversies with my funds. It's been a great sail so far and I look forward to longevity. Victoria Odeh

    rating rating rating rating rating

    Abokwara Christian

    After MMM dealt the hell with my finance I was really scared of any involvement in anything or scheme that involves saving money for a return. By October 2019 I was told about Hawk funds, at first I was a bit skeptical about it but after going through their past achievements I decided to give it a try and I was totally satisfied with their services, integrity, and prompt payment plan. Hawk fund is reliable, trusted, and a sure investm

    rating rating rating rating rating

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    You've got the opportunity to invite your friends, family, or other groups to enjoy our Investment plans and benefit from our lucrative affiliate program. For each Investment your referrals makes, you'll gain an instant 2% commission. This alone can help you build a constant cash-flow.